That's the bottom line for customer service.

We understand acute-care transcription issues and how to solve them.
Of course your transcription documents must be completed accurately and on time. So we put turnaround time (TAT) and quality guarantees into every contract. But real customer service means going beyond guarantees for accuracy and reliability.

You'll know your account manager, and a live person will respond to your calls.
Your ProScript account manager is the same person who manages your account installation. She’s directly responsible for your satisfaction from day-one. If you have a problem, a ProScript support staffer will respond to your call. If they can’t resolve your problem, it gets escalated – to your account manager and to the corporate collaboration and resolution online site, which the ProScript CEO monitors.

The best document control and tracking system in the industry gives superior visibility.
With our process control database (PCS), hospital staff can see exactly where your documents are. In real time. Visibility into the system means better control over the transcription process. Your staff spends less time wondering where things are, and can more easily instruct ProScript to redirect work if priorities change.


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