Striking the best balance between performance and cost reduction.

Optimize all transcription-related costs for best value
It takes technology expertise, document processing expertise, and superior management skills to help hospital information directors achieve the complex transcription services they need. ProScript optimizes all elements of complex transcription document processing to deliver the best turnaround time (TAT), quality, and service possible at the lowest possible price.

A strategy to drive down documentation costs
Besides superior technology expertise, ProScript’s management structure and experience enables us to work with clients to determine how best to balance competing business imperatives such as quality, TAT, and cost. ProScript helps HIM directors keep up with technology advances and regulations regarding information security and privacy. Our ability to help clients manage these complex issues is a basic element of how we deliver the lowest total cost for transcription documentation.

Designed to maintain data security, privacy, HIPAA requirements, and more
ProScript knows how to manage patient data. We understand HIPAA and other federal regulations. Our systems are designed maintain information security and privacy, and so are our processes. Our highly secure data center meets stringent backup and redundancy requirements.

Efficient operations and optimized platform are key
Our experienced management team gives clients confidence that we know how to develop the best solutions for their specific needs. Our streamlined operations offer efficiencies and opportunities for constant improvements that help to keep down costs. Our dictation system produces high quality voice files. Our intelligent routing process assesses each document and chooses the best path – voice recognition, standard transcription, or special assignment for challenging dictation. Complex statistical modeling ensures the MT with the most experience on your account performs the transcription, regardless of changing business circumstances. Our integrated transcription platform means clients have visibility into the system and always know where their documents are.

Efficiency at every stage of operations means you get the best value for your money.

Verifiable pricing, using visible black character basis
HIM directors need to understand what they are paying for. ProScript provides an open, auditable pricing methodology. Our preferred method of pricing is visible black character (VBC), which is readily verifiable. We provide clients with detailed invoices to easily validate their billing.

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