You don’t want “okay.”
You want higher standards.

Fundamentally different approach to document processing
ProScript delivers high quality transcribed documents in a timely manner. Not just most of the time. All the time. The guarantee is in your contract.

Workflow management: The real secret to quality
ProScript assesses each dictation and routes it for processing based on client TAT requirements, work type, and dictating physician. It’s complex, but you get better results.

Intelligent use of voice recognition and medical transcriptionists
ProScript doesn’t shove every dictation file through voice recognition (VR) software and hope for the best. We use VR intelligently. We combine the voice recognition and experienced transcriptionists to give you the lowest total cost for the optimal TAT and highest quality.

Assign MTs to enhance quality and achieve better load balancing
ProScript uses predictive, dynamic computer modeling to assign transcriptions. This ensures that most of a client’s work goes to MTs who have that client as a primary account. MTs are familiar with your account and all its nuances. With secondary account assignments, we also maintain a larger pool of MTs experienced with each client to accommodate spikes in volume, vacations, illness, or other emergencies. In this business, familiarity breeds quality.

Technology drives quality and TAT 
ProScript provides a dedicated dictation system to each client at no extra cost. It’s the fastest, easiest way for physicians to begin dictations – and it produces the best quality voice files. Our integrated transcription platform enhances quality and productivity with features like the daily updated centralized drug list, place name files for each client, and multi-sortable doctor lists to help generate fast, accurate “cc’s.” Our clients get more accurate documents, and their medical records staff have less work.

Near 100% ADT match rate
ProScript’s unique ADT process incorporates all patient demographic information and insures fast and accurate ADT matching. You get the highest accuracy possible, and superior ADT match rates also means less work for client staff.

Comprehensive, consistent QA process
To develop and maintain a reputation for quality you must have a quality process that is consistent. ProScript’s quality process is consistent as well as comprehensive.
We can trace every document to the individual MT. Only editors can leave blanks in documents, and we track MT errors in the QA process. Our continuous learning loop means we don’t focus on penalizing for errors. Instead, we improve and reduce the recurrence of errors because answers and corrections go back to the MT. We fine-tune the voice recognition system as dictators and other factors change. We constantly improve and update databases, other technology, and equipment. Clients get higher quality documents every time.


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