At ProScript, we have an unending commitment to provide outstanding service and performance to our customers.

The feedback ProScript’s customers provide through the Report Card process goes way beyond the usual standard operational matters. In fact, many key initiatives that have improved our overall solution were based on the Report Card input of our clients. One example is our new ProClient application – which provides customers
with a web-based transcription management system.


“I feel like the ProScript team really values my feedback and input as a customer. The quarterly report card is an important part of that process.”

Barbara Rydgren,
Dir. Health Information Management
Good Samaritan Hospital
Los Angeles, CA

Setting a goal to establish “mutual trust” with its customers is critical to the success of any company. But, of course, ProScript knows trust just isn’t handed out – it has to be earned. By helping our customers share detailed, honest feedback with us about our performance – then taking action on their concerns – ProScript’s Report Card program is a sincere symbol of our commitment to earn our customers’ trust.


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