Documents back when they’re due.
Not just the simple ones. All of them.

We manage every dictation for optimal workflow and maximum transcription efficiency. Managing to TAT means reports are prioritized. You don’t get some reports early and others late. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed.

Advanced workflow technology routes dictations efficiently.

ProScript assesses each document to route it intelligently:

  • Voice recognition for potentially the fastest TAT,
  • Domestic transcription to enhance quality and security,
  • Special assignment and 100% editing for uniquely difficult dictators.

ProScript combines paths according to client preferences and TAT requirements.

Dynamic pooling assigns the right MT to every dictation
Our proprietary dynamic pooling process assigns work to all our MTs and ensures they work primarily on two or three accounts so they become very familiar with them. We don’t give your documents just to any available MT, but to an experienced MT familiar with your account.

Predictive work models enhance speed
We manage every dictation with a continuously updated computer model for each client, for every day of the week, work type, and dictator – in 4-hour time blocks. With real-time predictive work models, we have the right MTs available when we need them.

Transcription platform enhances accuracy and speed.
ProScript’s highly efficient transcription platform was developed specifically for this environment, so it’s more extensive than commercially available platforms. For example, centralized drug lists are updated daily, and multi-sortable doctor lists with detailed information make it fast and easy to generate accurate cc’s. This integrated platform makes it faster to move documents between voice recognition, document correctionists, and editors – all so your documents get delivered faster to you.

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